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Plastic PETN Explosives

The plastic bonded explosive (PBX) is relatively new class of explosive that is composed of about 85 to 95 percent PETN and 5 to 15 percent plastic polymer, such as polystyrene or polyester. These explosives have high mechanical strength, excellent explosive properties, and are extremly stable and insensitive to shock. Most PBXs are produced as powders for press loading, but they also can be made as slurries for casting or injection molding

Plastic Explosives are the most widely explosives used today. It is pound-for-pound the most powerful explosive in common use. Its power, stability, and versatility are unequalled. It is a soft plastic explosive, which limits are only the users imagination

Sheet explosives are one of the most powerful and versatile explosives available today. Various forms of this product are used commercially for boosters, cutting steel, or explosive welding. This explosive is very powerful, though, oddly, the military version is less so than its civilian counterpart.

This Plastic PETN Explosives document will help you get acquainted with the the above mentioned subject as well as the process to producing these products.

Plastic PETN Explosives completely covers the following:

  • Plastic Bonded Explosives
  • Plastic Explosives
  • Sheet Explosives

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