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You’ve been searching for information about explosives, homemade pyrotechnics, model rockets, smoke bombs and crackers on the internet for ages. You have found hundreds of poorly written and unreliable text files full of misinformation – in other words – nothing. I have been in your shoes.

I know the frustration.

Your search ends here.

What you will find within this site is:

  • Quality step-by-step instructions.
  • Easy to read and understand.
  • Required materials and chemicals can be found easily.

This is like no other website on the internet

You will not find The Anarchist Cookbook within this website.

You will not find text files about anarchy and mischief either.

Unlike any dodgy “cookbook“, we have hundreds of informational documents and reports related to various pyrotechnics and explosives. From the very basic explosive theories to comprehensive step by step instructions: there is simply just so much quality information in our library you will never need any other source! Our instructions have come strait from respected sources, scaled down for the home enthusiast.

Stop: You will not find information on this site about “Bombs” or any other type of “IED” designed to maim or kill. This site strictly deals with explosive sciences & theory, and our handbooks are solely orientated around industrial and recreational applications.

Our extensive library covers the following areas of explosive science:

  • Explosives Related Handbooks
  • Explosive theories and FAQ’s
  • Fireworks and Pyrotechnics
  • A range of high explosives information
  • Low explosive powders
  • Percussion explosives
  • Smoke bombs
  • Heat and light devices
  • Rocketry
  • Comprehensive safety guides

These topics are completely covered as well as many more!

There are hundreds of separate instructional documents, handbooks, FAQ’s and more covering all aspects of explosives, fireworks and rocketry.

We have comprehensive information on fireworks and how to make fireworks. Learn how MANY different fireworks are constructed including fireworks with LOUD reports. Instructions included for the manufacture of roman candles, polumnas, tom thumbs, spinning wheels and more.

Our instructional ebooks describe how fireworks are made, where to find a suitable casing, clay selection, how the actual powder is made and different coloring effects.

The coloring for fireworks is performed by the addition of different, easily available chemicals. You will discover complete, easy to understand charts detailing how much of which chemical to use to create exiting, colorful displays.

Paintball and BB Gun clubs have told us that they have a hard time accessing a reliable source for smoke bombs, and we have had the perfect solution for them. Making your own! The instructions for making SERIOUS smoke bombs are easy to follow and very comprehensive.

Don’t rely on those dodgy, and disappointing instructions you found off some teenage rebellion website. You will know how to make smoke bombs that output MORE smoke FASTER than any other recipe out there!

Combined with the color charts, you will make spectacular colored smoke bombs which could easily fill an entire block with smoke!!

Model rocketry is a hugely popular hobby worldwide. There are many model rocketry books out there that describe thousands of different designs but all incorporate “off the shelf” rocket engines. We take you one step further in your discovery of rocketry. You will learn how to build your own rocket engines out of easily obtainable chemicals and materials. Our comprehensive, illustrated instructions will teach you how to build powerful rockets capable of carrying a respectable load such as camera and parachute. You will also learn how to make exploding rockets, firework type “skyrockets” both large and small.

Safety First! We have included in our library fireworks safety guidebooks and comprehensive fireworks display planning and execution guides. You will have, at your fingertips, a huge database of general explosives handling guidebooks and military explosives handling handbooks. Our safety section is second to none.

To summarize, this is simply the largest and most comprehensive explosives, pyrotechnics, fireworks and rocketry information resource on the internet. There are literally hundreds of reputable reports all available to you RIGHT NOW!

Go ahead and start by following a category on your right. Enjoy!

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