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The Complete Book of Improvised Primary Explosives

This is the Improvised Primary Explosives encyclopedia. Highly recommended for anyone with keen interest in explosives.

This book contains a collection of data from many different sources. You will not only learn to make primary explosives but also impact explosives — endless variations and additional information, making this truly the only primary explosives reference book you’ll need to gain an good foundation of understanding.

You will find information on:

  • Primary Explosives
    • Acetone Peroxide
    • DDNP/Dinol
    • Double Salts
    • HMTD
    • Lead Azide
    • Lead Picrate
    • Mekap
    • Mercury Fulminate
    • “Milk Booster”
    • Nitromannite
    • Sodium Azide
    • TACC
  • Exotic And Friction Primers
    • Lead Nitroanilate
    • Nitrogen Sulfide
    • Nitrosoguanidine
    • Tetracene
    • Chlorate-Friction Primers
    • Chlorate-Trimercury-Acetylide
    • Trihydrazine-Zinc (II) Nitrate
    • Fun And Touch Explosives
    • Chlorate Impact Explosives
    • Copper Acetylide
    • Diamminesilver II Chlorate
    • Fulminating Copper
    • Fulminating Gold
    • Fulminating Mercury
    • Fulminating Silver
    • Nitrogen Trichloride
    • Nitrogen Triiodide
    • Silver Acetylide
    • Silver Fulminate
    • “Yellow Powder”
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