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Gerald L. Hurst, AKA Jerry (Ico), is a Cambridge Ph.D. chemist with experience in  explosives  and  fire-related matters,  having been Chief Scientist of the  Atlas Powder Company, the then largest explosives manufacturer in the U.S.: he developed the trade secret formulas for Liquid Paper (Gillette),  patented the  so-called  “Mylar”  balloons  (the metallized helium balloons  found in super- markets),  Astrolite A-1-5  (coinventor)  and  the best-known  Kinepak  binary  explosive.  He has  an extensive  forensic  experience in  arson/murder  cases dating back 30 years:  much of his present work involves the analysis of fires and explosions to determine the cause and origin.

All of his  amazing  posts since  early 1995 have been collected in two single  files to spare the reader a lot of on-line time, since the original Deja News’ files exceed 10 MB.  Each  article  is  a  trustworthy source  of  the  finest  informations  on its own subject  freely  available  on the Internet:  Jerry’s  brilliant,  accurate and  helpful style  really  stretches one’s thinking on a wide variety of  matters,  most notably chemistry and explosives,  making both the budding and the skilled chemist learn and smile at the same time.

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