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Explosive Reactions

Explosive reactions are generally violent reactions that occur when two or more chemicals are mixed together. They are not “prepared” as such with other explosives. Incendiary cocktails react less actively, generally igniting when two or more chemicals are mixed.

There are many chemical reactions that will release energy. These are known as exothermic reactions. This section is concerned with those chemical reactions that proceed very rapidly, characterized by expanding hot gasses and sound. We shall also be concerned with those reactions where the energy remains in the reaction as heat and flames, in turn igniting items in close proximity.

Perhaps one of the most famous, yet simple explosive reaction involves immersing elemental sodium (Na) in water. Watch the following short clip to see what happens:

We have hundreds of explosive reactions detailed in this category. Many of these energetic reactions are actually created from relatively common chemicals or materials.

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Chemicals That React With Acids – Deadly Brew

Chemicals That React With Acids – Deadly Brew

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